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We don't take all day

Moving Up Inc. focuses on providing our customers with the best possible moving experience. That means getting your belongings safely from point A to point B with the least hassle, in the shortest time possible. After 12 years in the business, we've learned a little something about the best way to make that happen.

We have a wide range of vehicles and, in order to know what works best for your needs, a representivate will book an appointment to do an onsite visit. This gives us a good idea of what size vehicle(s), how many crew members, and, if needed, what supplies to bring. A typed estimate will be forwarded to you for your reference.

Our philosophy is that while is it humanly possible to move a large home using only two people, we choose to bring more people for a quick and efficient move. We aim to get you moved out in one to two hours, and into your destination in another one to two hours, but this is dependent on the location and amount of items.

Our PlaceRight System

One of the great stresses of moving, even with a good moving company, is arriving at your new home only to find a room full of boxes and furniture that takes days to sort through. With our PlaceRight system, you decide in advance where you want everything to go. When you arrive at your new home, you'll find all of your furniture and belongings exactly where you want them. It is one of our most popular services.

To be sure you're satisfied, we will walk room to room with you before we start unloading our truck, and again once done unloading, to ensure all your belongings are placed correctly.

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